For a teacher who never asked his followers to give him any money, Jesus spends a remarkable amount of time in the New Testament speaking about money. For Jesus, our attitude to money is a discipleship issue and so he has much to say on the subject. As disciples of Christ we are committed to honouring God with our possessions and to forming healthy attitudes towards money and possessions.

At WMC our Planned Giving programme helps to keep us disciplined in giving (which in turn helps the church to plan more confidently for mission and ministry) while still ensuring that giving remains anonymous.

Members can sign up for Planned Giving by contacting the office ( for more details.

Online payments

If you use Zapper, you can scan this QR code with your phone to make a payment to WMC.

Bank details

Westville Methodist Church
First National Bank
Westville Branch (223526)
Account number: 58880668126