Social Concerns Commission

The Social Concerns Commission has the primary responsibility of identifying and responding to needs in the community, both locally and further afield.  This is done chiefly through the allocation of funds from our tithe, but active participation and involvement in projects is also encouraged.  Organisations and projects working amongst the vulnerable in society are the main recipients, either through regular donations or in response to an appeal for assistance.  We also keep in touch with the projects we support and visit them when possible.

Distribution of gifts and donations received from various appeals also forms part of our work.  In times of crisis we are called on to assist and co-ordinate in providing a practical response.  The violent attacks against foreigners in 2008 was one such instance where a number of people were accommodated in our building.  Meals had to be provided daily, and at times like that we have always received wonderful support from the members of our church.

From time to time, we arrange outings to interact with people in the projects we serve.  In this way the congregation can also participate and experience the joy of being part of the family of God.

If you have an interest in this work, please contact the church office on 031 2665222 to put you in touch with a member of our commission.

We welcome active participation and would also like to know of any concerns and ideas that you may have!