Properties Commission

The primary function of the Properties Commission is to ensure that the property pertaining to Westville Methodist Church (land, buildings, parking area and the gardens) is adequately maintained and kept in a reasonably clean and presentable condition.  Allied to this is to ensure that all electrical and plumbing facilities are in a serviceable condition and that all ancillary furniture, fixtures and fittings, including fire equipment and air conditioning units, are serviced regularly and suitably maintained.

To assist with this function, and to save costs as and when necessary, a major proportion of work is completed “in house”, with the members of the Properties Commission linking up with various members of the congregation and completing the necessary task at hand.  Regular Work Parties are co-ordinated, normally on a quarterly basis, and while the primary objective is to attend to ongoing maintenance, a secondary and very important aspect is ongoing fellowship and interaction between various members of the congregation.

The Properties Commission meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month to review and discuss ongoing maintenance matters.

We are always looking for willing hands to assist with ongoing maintenance, especially during the week when a problem arises and an odd job needs to be done.

Should you want to get involved either in the Properties Commission or with assisting on a Hands-On basis, please contact the church office on 031 2665222.