Finance Commission

Biblical Principles:

Finances of our church are not just a matter of rands and cents. There are over 1500 references to finances in the Bible. In the Gospel according to Mark in Chapter 12 we read that Jesus observed many people giving lots of money. He sees a poor widow giving every last cent she had. He then says to his disciples: What is important when one gives money to the church is not to only give from what we have spare of our riches. We are called to give on the basis of realising that everything that we have is not because of our own doing, but as a result of the talents that God has given us to be able to earn money. The apostle Paul also tells us in the letter to the Corinthians that “when we give, we should give what we have decided in our heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion – for God loves a cheerful giver.”

On a very practical basis, when we go about managing our monthly finances, we may find it hard to make ends meet. It may thus be very difficult to give as much as we would like to the Church. However, sacrificial giving, based on biblical principles and on the grace of God, is a sign of one’s love in Jesus and his work that is carried out in our congregation and in all spheres of life.

The Finance Commission is committed to all of these values.

Most of us will probably admit that finances can be a sensitive topic to talk about. The congregation has entrusted it’s finances to the Executive, the Finance Commission and Administrator of this congregation. The Finance Commission is aware of the fact that this trust that people have in it is something that cannot be earned overnight. It is something that is earned with time as we apply the principles and values upon which our work is based.


  • to serve our Lord in word, deed and sign
    • the Mission of our congregation is our guideline, i.e. to Know our Lord Jesus as saviour, to Grow in his likeness, and to Show the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit;
  • to act as good stewards in accounting for the finances of our Church
    • the parable of the ten servants (as we hear in Luke 19) who were commissioned to look after their master’s money whilst he was away, is a guideline for us;
  • to assist anyone who wishes to talk about:
    • any issue on managing one’s personal finances;
    • any issue that will help to better understand the Church’s finances;  and
    • what the Lord expects or requires of us regarding our finances.

Functions :

The Finance Commission meets monthly to review the monthly management accounts that are prepared by the Administrator. These accounts are compared to the budget that is prepared annually and approved by the congregation at its Annual General Meeting. The monthly review is then also presented to the Executive at its monthly meeting. There is thus a sound process, we believe, in which the planned giving and cash collections from everyone who worships at this congregation are accounted for and managed. We are committed to being open and transparent on all financial matters relating to this congregation.

For further information, please contact the church office on 031 2665222.