We have a number of commissions here at Westville Methodist Church. Here’s an overview of what goes on, click below for more information.

Social Concerns Commission

The Social Concerns Commission has the primary responsibility of identifying and responding to needs in the community, both locally and further afield.  This is done chiefly through the allocation of funds from our tithe, but active participation and involvement in projects is also encouraged.  Read more >

Finance Commission

Finances of our church are not just a matter of rands and cents. There are over 1500 references to finances in the Bible. We are called to give on the basis of realising that everything that we have is not because of our own doing, but as a result of the talents that God has given us to be able to earn money. We are committed to being open and transparent on all financial matters relating to this congregation.  Read more >

Properties Commission

The primary function of the Properties Commission is to ensure that the property pertaining to Westville Methodist Church (land, buildings, parking area and the gardens) is adequately maintained and kept in a reasonably clean and presentable condition.  Allied to this is to ensure that all electrical and plumbing facilities are in a serviceable condition and that all ancillary furniture, fixtures and fittings, including fire equipment and air conditioning units, are serviced regularly and suitably maintained.  Read more >