Women’s Auxiliary (W.A.)

Our motto: To know Christ and to make Him known

The goals of the Women’s Auxiliary include the extension of the Kingdom of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, by:

  1. Building up and spiritually revitalising women in Societies.
  2. Engaging in and encouraging evangelical outreach.
  3. Being part of the ministry and mission of the Church.
  4. Keeping postal contact with women unable to attend regular Branch meetings.
  5. Encouraging involvement in District and Connexional joint projects.


We, the members of the Methodist Women’s Auxiliary, accept Christ as our personal Saviour
and Lord.

We promise to support the work of our Church and to be faithful in prayer, the study of Scripture and attending worship.

We will endeavour to lead Christ-like lives and with God’s help we will strive to extend His Kingdom on earth by promoting love and understanding among all people.

For further information, please contact the church office on 031 2665222.