Bible Study Groups

The Westville Methodist Church subscribes to the desire that, ideally, everyone connected to this church should be in a Bible Study group. After all, isn’t that what Jesus expected us to do? It seems to be the message of the story about the vine in John 15.

There are a variety of bible study groups that meet from Monday to Thursday in people’s homes and some in the church venue. The number of people in each bible study group varies, but is usually between 8 and 16 members. Most bible studies meet after hours, however some meet during the day. There is thus an opportunity and a time to suit just about everyone!

The object of a bible study group is, as the name suggests, to study the bible. The study contents are generally selected by the group, but once a year the entire church is encouraged to follow the same theme during the “Times of Refreshing” season, usually during August and September. By meeting every week people to know each other on a personal level, and is thus able to support each other in life’s up and downs. Occasionally there are opportunities for groups to meet together to expand the sense of fellowship.

Should you like to join a group, kindly call the church office on 031 2665222 or email and let us know.